Surf Hub Uk
About Us

We are Vitesse T-Shirts (Vitesse means speed in French)

We love motorcycles, hot rods and surfing and t-shirts are part and parcel of the style of the said activities.

We supply printed on-demand t-shirts, hoodies, vest etc available in male/unisex, female fits in various sizes, styles and colours.

About Us

We established Biker T-Shirts UK a few years ago and changed the name to Vitesse T-Shirts last year during COVID due to the fact of a similar site with similar name but with a not so great reputation put our contact details on their contact details.

Vitesse T-Shirts sells Motorcycle, Hot Rod, Skating and Surfing themed apparel.

This June decided to set up Surf Hub Apparel Shop because the surfing side was getting more popular and wanted one place to buy the surf t-shirts.

We are nearly ready and will soft launch on 23rd June 2022 with full launch on 1st July 2022.

We do not hold stock and items are printed on demand in United Kingdom with shipping within UK and worldwide.

Printing takes 4/5 working days (not including postage) so please take that into consideration before placing order.

 Enter the promo code 5%1storder to get 5% off first order.